More Playing Time for Mirza Teletovic?

With Avery Johnson fired and Brooklyn Nets in search for new coach, there is only one question among those who like Mirza Teletovic, “Will he play more”?

Up to this point Teletovic didn’t get the opportunity to show what he can do on the basketball court. Coach Johnson didn’t really give good explanation why Teletovic is not playing more, except the regular stereotypical story that European players need to adapt to NBA game.

But how could Teletovic adapt to the NBA game, if he didn’t get the chance to play? At the moment Brooklyn Nets officially have four power forwards (Blatche, Humphries, Evans and Teletovic). Humphries and Evans are hard-working players and good defenders, but they lack offensive game. Blatche rejuvenated his career this season, but there is still fear that he could go back to his old habits.

However, none of them is as good as offensive player as Teletovic. Therefore, offensive minded coach would be the best scenario for Teletovic. Too bad Don Nelson is retired, since his run and gun style would perfectly Teletovic.

List of the available NBA coaches is long. Phil Jackson is probably on the top of the wish list, but it is highly unlikely that he will come to coach Nets. Other coaches include Stan Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy, Nate McMillan, Flip Saunders, Mike Fratello, Jerry Sloan, Larry Brown and Mike Brown. It wouldn’t be surprise if Brian Shaw is one of the options as well.

Whoever gets the job, we hope Mirza Teletovic will be given the opportunity to show his abilities. If that happens, we know he will  not disappoint.